Step 5

Proficiency Level
Description of Standard
Examples of how you can show me!
In addition to the 3.0 knowledge, you are able to solve more in depth problems.
See me!
Is skilled at solving one step equations using rational numbers. Is skilled at solving one-step inequalities using rational numbers.
You can solve equations using rational numbers in the form x+p=q
Know the term: rational number
You can describe what a rational number is.
With help...has the 2.0 content.
You can tell me the definitions with my help.

Note Sheet- please include definitions and examples.

Level 2
What is a rational number?
Understanding Rational Numbers

Please take the following quiz to practice if you understand what a rational number is.
Quiz on Rational Numbers

Level 3
In level 3 we will still practice solving equations with decimals. Same rules apply as the last step.
Solving Equations 3
Solving Equations 4