Step 6

Proficiency Level
Description of Standard
Examples of how you can show me!
Knows when the solution for a given problem is reasonable using mental computation and estimation strategies.
See me!
Is skilled at adding, subtracting, factoring (numbers), and expanding (distributive property) linear expression with rational coefficients using the properties of operations. (i.e. commutative, associative, etc.)
You can solve word problems leading to equations in the form px+q=r and p(x+q)=r where p, q and r are specific rational numbers.
Know the terms:commutative property, associative property, distributive property, factor expand, linear expression and coefficient.
You are able to define and give examples of the terms:commutative property, associative property, distributive property, factor, expand, linear expression and coefficient.
With help...has the 2.0 content.
You can tell me the definitions with my help.

Note Sheet: This is a really big step! There are many ideas you need to learn. Please make sure you have good definitions as well as good examples.

Level 2

What is the commutative property?
Understanding the Commutative Property

What is the associative property?
Understanding the Associative Property

What is the distributive property?
Understanding the Distributive Property

What is a factor?
Understanding Factors

What does expand mean in math terms?
What does Expand mean?

An expression is a grouping of numbers with x. A linear expression is explained in the following link.
Understanding Linear Expression (Equation)

What is a coefficient?
Understanding Coefficients

Online Practice Quiz on Combining Like Terms Quiz
Level 3

Practice of Distributive Property
Much of Level 3 will be practiced in class. This link helps review everything you learned in Level 2, and practice some of the ideas.
Review of Properties