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In addition to the 3.0 knowledge, you are able to solve more in depth problems.
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Understands written expressions can be written as a numeric expression or equation.
Convert a written expression into a numerical expression. Example: x is three times less than y means x=y-3. Convert a numerical expression into a written expression. Write, read and evaluate numerical expressions in which letters stand for numbers.
Know the terms: expression, substitution, algebraic expression, equation. Knows the parts of an expression using mathematical terms, such as variable, base, coefficient, exponent, constant.
Identify parts of an expression using mathematical terms.
With help...has the 2.0 content.
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Understanding the standard:

Note Sheet:
Level 2
This article covers expression, algebraic expression and variables. Please fill out the note sheet with definitions and examples. There is also a quiz at the end. Please try the questions. Write down the ones you struggled with or got wrong.
Algebraic Expressions

This article covers equation, variable, coefficient, exponent and constant. Please do the usual of recording in your notes.
Knowing Parts of an Equation

Level 3
Go through steps 1-4. Add to your note sheet anything that you think would be helpful. Take the practice quiz and record your results.
Review and Practice

Practice Notesheet K

Review for Quiz: