Scope Level 4
Proficiency Level
Proficiency Level Description
The Learner is able to:

Understands the relationship between location on earth, weather patterns, and regional climate. Understands the factors that are used to predict weather.
Choose a place on the map and identify what the weather would be like, including what people would wear. Describe the relationship between latitude and climate, between altitude and climate.
Knows the terms: altitude, latitude, climatic zones, climate, equator, tropical, temperate, polar, jet stream, Coriolis effect, and atmospheric pressure. Knows the characteristics of climatic zones.
State the definitions associated with climate and weather, label the location of polar, tropical, equator on a map. Describe where and give characteristics of climatic zones (polar, tropical, temperate).
With help...has the 2.0 content.
You can explain level 2 with my help.
Level 2: Understanding the Basics Bill Nye the Science Guy
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Here is a copy of the rubric and instructions for the project on weather.

Here are resources for your project:

Hurricanes and Where They Form

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