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Goes above and beyond what was taught.
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Understands the relationship between independent and dependent variables as representative of real-life situations. Understands the connection between the independent and dependent variables within equations.
You are able to represent real life situations that show the relationship between the dependent variable and independent variable using graphs and/or tables. Write an equation to express one quantity, in terms of the other quantity.
Knows the terms: independent variable and dependent variable.
You are able to define and give examples of the terms: independent variable and independent variable.
With help...has the 2.0 content.
You can tell me the definitions with my help.

Note Sheet:

This link will help you understand what a dependent variable is.
Understanding Dependent Variables

And this link will help you with understanding what a independent variable is.
Understanding Independent Variables

And lastly, here is a practice quiz to see how you understand independent and dependent variables in real life.
Practice Quiz

Unit 5