Scope Level 6

Proficiency Level
Description of Standard
Examples of how you can show me!
Goes above and beyond what was taught.
See me!
Understands data can be represented and interpreted using a line graph.
You are able to create and interpret a data set using a line graph.
Knows the terms: min, max, range, axes, line graph, time plot, independent and dependent.
You are able to explain the terms: min, max, range, axes, line graph and time plot in a data set.
With help...has the 2.0 content.
You can tell me the definitions with my help.
Practice for midterm!!! Line Graphs

Understanding the terms min and max.
Min and Max

This link will go over domain and range. Right now we are looking at what range is.
Understanding Range

Axes are described in the next link. Recording a labelled picture in your notes will be very helpful!
Understanding Axes

This link will go over line graphs, as well as all of the labels that are used with them.
Understanding Line Graphs

This activity will help you understand distance-time graphs.
Distance-Time Graphs

Lastly we will look at independent and dependent variables.
Independent vs. Dependent Variables

Unit 6