Proficiency Level
Proficiency Level Description
The Learner is able to:
In addition to the 3 knowledge, infers or applies beyond what was taught.
Collect data on global warming and predict how it will effect life on Earth in 2100. Develop a strategy to minimize your carbon footprint. Select and defend the best renewable energy resource (cost effective, impact on environment).
Understands how the carbon cycle is impacted by natural and human changes that could contribute to global warming.
Defend your position on global warming based on scientific evidence.
Knows the carbon cycle, knows the terms: greenhouse effect and global warming.
Diagram the carbon cycle. Describe the relationship between the greenhouse effect and global warming.
With help...has the 2.0 content.
You can explain level 2 with my help.

Note Sheet:

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Practice Quizzes
Understanding the Carbon Cycle
Changes in the Carbon Cycle
A Closer Look at Carbon Dioxide

This activity allows you to experiment with various human activities and its effect on the carbon cycle.
Carbon Cycle

Resources for Level 3+4

-__An Inconvenient Truth__
-__The Great Global Warming Swindle__

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