Here is a rubric for Step 14.

Proficiency Level
Description of Standard
Examples of how you can show me!
In addition to the 3.0 knowledge, you are able to solve more in depth problems.
See me!
Is skilled at finding the percent of a quantity.
Compare two different proportional relationships. Find a percent of a quantity as a rate per hundred.
Knows the terms: percent, quantity, terminating or repeating decimal, bar notation. Understands the relationships among fractions, decimals and percent.
Define and give an example of: percent, quantity, terminating or repeating decimal, bar notation. Represent given fractions as the percent and decimal equivalent.
With help...has the 2.0 content.
You can tell me the definitions with my help.

Level 2
Level 2 is about knowing the definitions and examples of the words we are working with. You may know all, most or none of the words listed under level 2. The following are links to articles, videos, or activities that will help you remember the words as well as examples. Please fill out the note sheet that is below.

Note Sheet:

What is a percent? The following link has examples. Please include one in your note sheet to help you remember what a percent is. Please do the practice examples at the end. If you have trouble, please write down in your note sheet which ones were confusing or you had trouble with. Make sure you check with a teacher the ones you struggled with.
Understanding Percents

How do I write a % as a fraction? This link below will contain examples. Again, record the one that makes the most sense to you. After, do the practice. Record which ones you had trouble with.
Writing Percents as Fractions

Next, we will be reviewing how to write a decimal as a percent. Please do the same steps as before.
Writing a Decimal as a Percent

And lastly, we will be going over how to write percents as a decimal. Please do the same steps as before.
Writing a Percent as a Decimal

Practice for Level 3 Project