Proficiency Level
What you need to show me!
In addition to the 3.0 knowledge, infers or applies beyond what was taught.
See me!
Is skilled at using proportional relationships to solve problems.
Solve multi-step problems using proportional relationships (simple interest, tax, mark ups, markdowns, gratuity, commissions, fees, percent increase/decrease)
Knows how to set up problems using proportions. Know the terms ratio and proportion.
Write a proportion that would represent a description in a problem. Represent two quantities as a proportional relationship.
With help...has the 2.0 content.
You can solve some, with my help.

Level 2
The following links will help you understand what ratios and proportions are. Please fill out the note sheet while going through the activities.
Note sheet:

This link will help you understand ratios. Please record an example in your note sheet.
Understanding Ratios

After you have finished the article please take this practice quiz! Write down any problems that you had.
Quiz on Ratios

Proportions are similar to ratios. The following article starts with explanations and ends with practice. Please do steps 1-4. Record example in note sheets and write down any problems that you have.
Understanding Proportions

Level 3
Practice proportions with word problems.
Proportion Word Problems

Practice Quiz on Proportions
Practice Quiz

Unit 1